Bulk Production Clothing Manufacturers

China Custom Clothing Manufacture


Yaroad Clothing also is a bulk production clothing manufacturer. As bulk clothing manufacturers, for expanding our manufacturing network overseas, we are able to accept large order and cater to more clothing companies. You design it and we produce it. You can focus on growing the business and leave all manufacture and logistics in our hands. Our apparel production services will help keep your garment business wheels turning.

China Custom Clothing Manufacture

Garment Manufacturing Process

Yaroad clothing production company has been streamlined scientifically with the latest equipment and the expertise gained through 24 years spent in the field. On receipt of the confirmed massive order and shipment approval, the raw materials including the fabric and trims and the time and action plan are finalized and communicated to all. Production files are communicated to factories with all details and daily monitoring is done of production against the plan.


China Custom Clothing Manufacture

When fabric, buttons, zipper and related accessories arrives our warehouse. Our quality controlling team strictly inspect and test before production. Once problem found, our prodution team slove it within 24 hours.

Each batch fabric would be numbered which easily tracked back to suppliers. Each batch fabric would be cutted and tested according to production number.

Before all production, we make one piece of preproduction sample to finally check the customers’ requirements and detail.


During production, each process has own QC to test the sewing craft and measurement to mimimum mistakes.

Durning each process of production, each employee can support to quality control and reflect problems to product manger.

Our factory strictly recycles and report the broken needles. We also have needle testing machine to support testing.

After finhsed production, all products must be tested strictly from material, size to packaging.

When clothing finished sewing, our QC team would do large randomly sampleing inspect and test from fabric, accessoried, size to label and tag.

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