Exploration-Men’s and Women’s Clothing Sports Color Warning

1. The new Trend of the 2022 Men’s and Women’s Clothing Sports Color Data tools have reshaped our natural experience, and even the spiritual experience, while contrasting ideas and seemingly out-of-fit ideas collide with the trend of versatile use; this theme explores how we can interact with ourselves in extreme situations , Interact with others, and even communicate with the world. The color under the theme of “Explore the Mirror” brings a more comfortable visual experience. Even if it is affected by future technology, the color system is indeed softer. The color pays more attention to the physical and mental pleasure brought by vision. In 2022, we will A more flexible, compatible and innovative way to re-evaluate and measure the objects that the design wants to reach. 2. Natural World With the continuous integration of work and leisure, city and outdoor, single-purpose design will no longer be able to meet consumer needs, and multi-functional products and intelligent fabric applications are the answer. The theme combines outdoor and indoor, taking into account performance and style through minimalist and pragmatic design. The outdoor colors in this group of colors incorporate a more lively bright orange to highlight the active atmosphere. Natural Land-Bright Bean Green Natural Land-Bright Bean Green The plant-based green tone is the main color system that connects with nature. The bright bean green of the spring and summer of 2022 is integrated into the yellow color, and the overall color is more vivid and novel. Revive the depressed mood under

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